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Search Engine Optimisation is a necessity these days to help you gain more potential customers on your website.

Every business is busy trying to discover the content or keyword that will help them reach a higher page rank and then the struggle to stay up there. It would not be really wise if the business tries to do the task on its own with limited experience or expertise in the field of digital marketing. Firms like BluApples are there in the market only to shoulder this responsibility from you.

Improve website’s performance

BluApples does not just take up an SEO or keyword ranking task but starts with your website Audit and thorough business analysis, competition analysis, target customers, your products and pricing vis-a-vis competition and your current market position. SEO is then executed as a part of the master plan to achieve the goals that we set along with you for your business, both in short term and long term view. BluApples works with the perfect understanding that SEO services are of extreme importance for your business to flourish and prosper in a better manner.

Improve website’s performance

Our team of technicians make sure in the website audit process to note the present SERP ranking of the website, its quality as per webmaster standards and website content optimisation level and work accordingly to improve the same.

BluApples is tailor made to cater for its customers in the best possible way and the services that we offer are intended to deliver the best performance. In our Search Engine Optimisation services we execute campaigns that deliver results in the form of increased website traffic, improved sales conversion and repeat visitors and customers.


Our strategies are not stagnant and are a work-in-progress, flexible enough to adapt to the changing responses and requirements in the market. Hence the monitoring of results of our SEO activities is also a continuous one.

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899 of 1203


70 %

899 of 1203

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Demands with Search Engine Optimization

As an early entrant in the digital marketing industry we understand the pulse of this business and hence deliver high quality service with amazing results. We strive for achieving quality results for our clients and have a reputation of being prudent and efficient at our job.


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